Mission Statement

The mission of the BAAI is to strive towards enhancing aviation safety through the management of the air accident and incident investigation. The safety investigation will contribute towards the issuance of safety recommendations that will help prevent future accidents and incidents.



The sole objective of a Safety Investigation is to enhance safety by preventing accidents and incidents. A typical investigation will include the gathering of evidence and analysis of data, including  the reasons and all factors that may have significantly contributed to cause an accident or incident. Where appropriate the BAAI will issue safety recommendations without the apportionment of blame or liability.  
The independence and objectivity of an investigation are guaranteed by law and by the fact that BAAI operates with a distinct budget. BAAI can neither receive nor request instructions on the conduct of an investigation and its personnel must refrain from participating in the investigation work or the compilation of an investigation report if they or a close relative is personally involved in the accident or serious incident.