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BAAI/SIR 011121 Recommendation 1

the flying school

The flying school should have a clear process so that in case of emergency, communication with the pilot is clear through a single point of contact. Safety should be put first at all costs and management interference with these procedures should be avoided.​

Feedback pending

BAAI/SIR 011121 Recommendation 2

the flying school

Since the fault may be intermittent, it is recommended that in the repair process, the hydraulics are inspected for leakages and the associated wiring, and electrical systems are inspected for any signs of dormant failures. As a precaution, it is suggested to consider changing the landing gear wiring and microswitches. Other moving and non-moving parts of the landing gear should be thoroughly inspected for correct operation.​

Feedback pending

BAAI/SIR 011121 Recommendation 3​

​the Competent Authorities and Aircraft Manufacturers

It is recommended that the quality and interface properties of the checklist is considered during the certification process, primarily using the guidelines found in EASA, Research project EASA.2012/1: Appendix 1 and Appendix 4. This includes type and size of font, items that should be included, materials and the ability for the checklist to be easily held in one hand.​

EASA Status: Closed –Agreement​

BAAI/01062022 Recommendation 1

Approved Training Organisations [ATOs]

​To avoid unnecessary distraction, instruction that can be given on the ground, or in the classroom, is to be avoided while handling an active aircraft [during taxiing and flying].

Feedback from the relative ATO: We will be looking into introducing a sterile cockpit environment (where possible) during critical phases to avoid unnecessary distractions/discussions between the instructor and the student, unless absolutely necessary for the safe conduct of the flight; (example: the instructor needs to directly intervene/take-over). The training department will start addressing this initially through FI standardisation. BAAI Comment: Satisfactory Response.

BAAI/01062022 Recommendation 2

​Approved Training Organisations [ATOs]

To consider including a separate checklist item, “Take-off clearance – Obtained” in the Line Up checks.

Feedback from the relative ATO: We have four line-up memory items within our checklists at the moment, which are designed to be done once line-up clearance/take-off clearance is received. We may consider implementing an additional item at the end, referring to the clearance limit status to ensure the pilot/crew reiterate whether a take-off clearance was received or whether the clearance was a line-up only. BAAI Comment: Satisfactory Response.

​BAAI/01062022 Recommendation 3

​Air Traffic Services

​To put more emphasis on the use of correct phraseology and procedures during ATCOs’ periodic refresher training when dealing with normal traffic, unexpected Runway Incursion situations and other contingencies.

​Feedback from Air Traffic Services: This is already being done on an ongoing basis especially during the SPOT training and during other ATCO briefings. BAAI Comment: Satisfactory Response.​

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